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  1. How comfortable are Americans with Violence Depicted in Music? - Erick Aguilera I found some interesting results on people's comfort with violent rap lyrics on a research survey I helped conduct for one of my classes. Posted about 13 hours ago.
  2. Interview With Two Mowgli's - Michaela Delasanta We travel to Montreal to talk with the leaders of the Peace and Love Renaissance in music. Posted 7 days ago.
  3. Franz Ferdinand and Sparks Collaboration: Too Cheesy? - Alexis Cousins As much as I love both bands, this may be too much. Posted 6 days ago.
  4. OKGo Interview - Sarah Finegold got to interview OKGo! Remember the music video with the treadmills? Yeah, that's OKGo! Posted 16 days ago.
  5. RSD 2015 - Marcus Wetlaufer My pickups from record store day 2015 Posted 8 days ago.