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Best Study Albums

Updated: May 6, 2019

It’s finals week. Time for students to show how organized and successful this semester was by already being prepared to ace the final. Classes are done and reviewing tests and notes is a breeze when everything is alphabetized and color coded! Right?!

Well if you’re like 95% of students this is “literally the worst week of my life”. If the semester is a car on a road (and the road slants steeper and steeper downhill as it progresses), finals week is realizing the brakes don’t work as you approach a major intersection with a class of kindergarteners crossing the road. Basically mass chaos with a pretty high chance for tragedy.

But don’t fear! You’re going to be stuck in a library all day so why not make the studying easier by listening to some good music? Here the albums that get Formula 1804 through the pain. Enjoy

Chill - Necessary for long hours of studying when your brain needs to be focused and functional

  • Beach House - Teen Dream

  • Alt- j - An Awesome Wave

  • Generationals - Heza

  • James Blake- Overgrown

  • Elliott Smith- Either/ Or

Rap - High energy and heavy beats to keep motivation up and adrenaline pumping

  • Jay-Z - The Blueprint

  • Wu Tang Clan - Wu Tang Forever

  • Wiz Khalifa - O.N.I.F.C.

  • Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron

  • Ab-Soul - Control System

Electronic - Melodic jams that will guide you into a deep studying trance

  • Flume- Flume

  • Gorillaz- The Fall

  • Glass Animals- ZABA

  • Odesza- In Return

  • Sbtrkt- SBTRKT

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