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"Timeless Feeling": Morgan Saint

Updated: May 6, 2019

Written by Stephanie Parker and TJ Hurd

"I just want to always be the most authentic and honest version of myself." says Morgan Saint, a dynamic pop artist out of New York, New York. recently spoke with Morgan about her new album, her artistic process, and artistic vulnerability. When asked about what inspires her songwriting, Morgan replied, "If I can just be honest with what's going on in my life, my struggles, my happy moments, my sad moments, that's going to be the stuff that connects with people." This proves to be true with each song on 17 Hero, authenticity and vulnerability ring through her lyrics and production.

Photo Credit: The New Nine

Creative control over her work is very important to Morgan, who thinks about every detail from the album art, video production, to the way she presents herself. She told us how she utilizes all aspects of art for her music drawing on her academic background, having majored in visual art and communications.

When discussing her musical aesthetic, Morgan said "I hate to box myself into one sound... I try to be creative in my own mind and what appeals to me rather than what I'm hearing in other people. I want [my music] to have a timeless feeling to it."

Her first single, "You" is a song that she described as being exactly the sound that she wanted to share with the world. Check it out above and listen to her full interview with below:

Listen to Morgan Saint:




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