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"New Religion" — Ricky Dominos

Updated: May 6, 2019

Written by Jose Benjamin Montaño

Ricky Dominos composes meticulous sonic punchlines that would be difficult for others to roll off the tongue. In one of his latest tracks, he brings out a heavy nostalgia on layers upon layers for the listener to peruse, helping them wind and resurface from altered states.

Tinged in bittersweet tones, oscillating melodies blend into a beating pulse of textured lows, trailing snare rolls, and a splintered bell that cues you back in to the rhymthm's waving crescendo. Ethereal in quality, but always seemingly grounded, an ebbing synth keeps the mix coherent.

Like a mantra, the repetition doesn't lull, it entrances. Although "New Religion" croons for the devoted to dance, its laconic motif lends a soothing, human feeling that quells a drawn-out longing in its warm embrace.

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